Announcing the Masawa Prototype

by joshua

We’ve been quiet for the past couple of months; have we fallen off the face of the earth?


We spent much of the Summer and early Fall 2010 consulting various individuals and organization ranging from small start-up NGOs to large VCs and Foundations. We listened to their feedback on the Masawa concept and then decided to shut up. Learning from the histories of other organizations, we didn’t want to market the hell out of just an idea, as that could lead to major expectations and very hard failures. So, we retreated into our tortoise shells and got to work building something you can touch and feel and hug. (I do so everyday).

With the help of our awesome software partners, we now are ecstatic to announce the birth of the Masawa Prototype!

The picture doesn’t do it justice — we’re working on a video — but we have a number of different illustrative Masawa apps that show the range of Masawa’s capabilities.  We have apps related to finance, banking, health, agriculture, information, infotainment, education, all delivered in a number of different ways: video, sound, text; apps that retrieve information from external sources and apps with info completely self-contained.

What’s next?  The pilot.  We’re still taking it slow and steady because we have a tremendous amount of learning to do, but we need to see and understand how (and if, frankly) Masawa will be used in the real world.

Thanks for all your support and stay tuned!